A while back I picked up some new old original unopened copies of Voyetra’s Sequencer MKI, MKII and MKIII. Unfortunately the floppy disks did not include a hard disk installation program and were only able to be run from the floppy drive, due to the software copy protection. Using my Kryoflux I was able to create a flux copy but was unable to write it back successfully to a floppy disk. One of the few times Kryoflux has failed me. This was due to the splice in the tracks and the way the Kryoflux writes back, each track.

I then tried to create a backup using my Central Point Software Deluxe Option Board but this failed too. This was due to the version of Transcopy I used (5.4). Central Point Software started weakening their software due to pressures from Software companies. I then located a “Option Board” which allows you to use older versions of Transcopy. I managed to successfully backup and then write back to floppies disks using version 3.0. I can see why back in the day people hated this kind of copy protection.

If anyone needs to create a floppy disk backup copy please send me an email. Here are the Transcopy backup files created in Transcopy 3.0. Please note you must have a Option Board to write back to floppy disk.

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