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Format of IBM PC Disks  An IBM PC 5.25” disk is divided into 40 tracks, numbered 0 to 27 (in hex). Each track normally has either 8 or 9 sectors, depending upon which DOS was used to create it. Each sector contains 512 bytes of data (although this can be changed and Continue Reading

Apple II images with Transcopy

CREATING APPLE DISK IMAGES WITH THE CENTRAL POINT DELUXE OPTION BOARD Written by CHRISTOPHER The TransCopy (TC.EXE) software automatically detects some Apple disks and copies them to an image with one track.  The result is a bit-level image of the disk much as an Apple disk controller card would see Continue Reading

Transcopy version 5.x format and schematics

The company Central Point Software released Transcopy with their Option/Deluxe Option boards.  It was pretty much solely programmed by Alan J Silver. Unfortunately little information exists today about the format and inner workings. Alan Silver sadly died in 1991 of melanoma taking his knowledge to the grave. There is a Continue Reading

Central Point Software Option Board & Deluxe Option Board

What is the Option Board? Jim Leonard puts it like this. “The Option Board was created by Central Point Software as a hardware alternative to making backups of IBM PC copy-protected disks.  The board was inserted into an ISA slot and then cabled to be a “pass-through” device between the Continue Reading