During the 1980/1990’s many games and programs used disk based copy protection to combat piracy. Here is a list compiled by Moebius.

– Az-Tech Everlock
– BBI StopCopy
– Best Protection Kit A/B
– COPS Copylock 1/2
– Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
– Formaster Copylock
– HLS Duplication
– Microprose Protection 1/2
– Mindscape DEM
– Non-standard Sector Sizes (name?)
– On-Line Systems Protection #1
– Origin Systems OSI-1
– Rob Northen Copylock
– Sector ID Duplication (name?)
– SmartCAM (was this one ever used for PC games?)
– Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x.x/3.x.x
– SuperLock (another one?)
– Titus’ A001prot/Megaprot (are these the same?)
– Vault PROLok (versions?)
– Weak Bits Generic Implementation 1/2 (is that really what it’s called?)
– Waydisk Minder/Minder03 (same thing?)

Below is the list of physically protected games both DOS and PC Booter type using some of the above identified methods:


‘Nam 1965-1975
007 Licence to Kill
4 Soccer Simulators / Waydisk Minder
4th & Inches
4×4 Off-Road Racing
Ace of Aces
Action Fighter
After Burner / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Air Duel
Airborne Ranger / MPS protection 2
Ajax / HLS Duplication
Alphabet Zoo
Allan Border’s Cricket
Alter Ego (Female version)
AM-FM Trivia vol. 2 / Waydisk Minder
Arac (Spiderbot)
Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America in Dr. Doom’s Revenge!, The / MPS protection 2
Ancient Art of War
Ancient Art of War at Sea, The
Ancient Land of Y’s
Apollo 18
Arkanoid (Imagine)/ Non-standard Sector Sizes
Arkanoid (Taito) / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x with original loader
Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x with original loader
Attack On Altair
BC’s Quest for Tires (PC version) / Formaster Copylock
BC’s Quest for Tires (Tandy version) / Sector ID Duplication
Bad Dudes / HLS Duplication
Balance of Power / ?
Batman The Caped Crusader / HLS Duplication
Batman: The Movie
Beverly Hills Cop / Rob Northen Copylock
Bionic Commando
Black Caudlron, The (AGI2) / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3
Block Buster / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Block Buster (2nd release) / Formaster Copylock
Blood Money / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Blues Brothers, The / ?
Bombjack (Rob Northen Copylock)
Bop’N Wrestle / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Boot Camp / HLS Duplication
Boulder Dash II (?) / Waydisk Minder
Boulder Dash II (?) / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Boulder Dash Construction Kit
Bruce Lee Lives
Bubble Bobble / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x
Bubble Ghost
Bully’s Sporting Darts
By Fire & Sword / ?
Cadaver (?)
California Games / HLS Duplication
Carl Lewis Challenge
Carrier Command
Castle Master / Rob Northen’s Copylock
Castle Wolfenstein
Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess
Championship Baseball
Championship Golf The Great Courses of the World – Volume I Pebble Beach
Chessmaster 2000, The
Chip’s Challenge
Computer Baseball / Formaster Copylock
Cool World
Crazy Cars / A001prot
Crazy Cars III / A001prot ?
Creative Contraptions
Crime Does Not Pay
Crusade in Europe
Dam Busters
Dark Castle
Dark Century
Death Sword
Decision Base
Decision in the Desert
Deep Space Operation Copernicus
Defender of the Crown
Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True!!
Dick Tracy
Dive Bomber
Dream Warrior
Dunjonquest: Morloc’s Tower
Earthly Delights
F-15 Strike Eagle II version 451.01 / MPS protection 2
F-15 Strike Eagle II version 451.02 / MPS protection 2
F-19 Stealth Fighter version 435.01
F-19 Stealth Fighter version 435.02
F-19 Stealth Fighter version 435.04
F40 Pursuit Simulator
Fast Break
Final Assault
Fire and Forget
Fire & Forget II
Floppy Frenzy
Football Manager / Waydisk Minder
Forgotten Worlds
Four Crystals of Trazere
Frank Bruno’s Boxing / Waydisk Minder
Frank Bruno’s Boxing / Rob Northern Copylock
GBA Championship Basketball Two-on-Two No
GFL Championship Football
GFL Championship Football
Galactic Gladiators
GATO / Formaster Copylock
Games Winter Edition, The
Gauntlet (1st release) / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Gauntlet (2nd release) / HLS Duplication
Gertrude’s Secrets
Ghosts ‘N Goblins / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Grand Prix Circuit (early version) / HLS Duplication
Gunship version 429.01 / MPS protection 1
Gunship version 429.03 / MPS protection 1
Gunship version 429.04 / MPS protection 1
Gunship version 429.05 / MPS protection 1
Hardball! (Disk 1) / HLS Duplication
HardBall! (Disk 2, EGA Disk, early version only) / Formaster Copylock
Hard Drivin’ / Rob Northen’s Copylock
Hard Drivin’ II
Hard Hat Mack
Heavy Barrel
Highway Patrol II / Megaprot
High Roller
Horror Zombies from the Crypt / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Ikari III: The Rescue
Impossible Mission II / HLS Duplication
In Search of the Most Amazing Thing
Indoor Sports
Infiltrator II / Mindscape DEM
International Open Golf Championship
Into the Eagle’s Nest
Italy 90 / Mindscape DEM
Jetfighter / AZ-Tech Everlock
Jetsons: The Computer Game
Jr. Pac-Man
Jurassic Park
Karnov / ?
Kickoff 3
Kids on Keys
King of Chicago, The
King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown (PC version) / Formaster Copylock
King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown (Tandy version) / Sector ID Duplication
King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown (AGI2) / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3
King’s Quest II: Romancing the Throne (AGI2) / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3
King’s Quest III: To Heir is Human / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3
Knight Force
L.A. Crackdown
Labyrinthe des Pharaons, Le / A001prot
Lamborghini American Challenge
Last Ninja, The
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (v1.00 AGI v2.440) / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3
Lemmings (1st & 3rd releases) / Rob Northern Copylock
Lemmings 2: The Tribes / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Lethal Weapon
Lode Runner
Lombard RAC Rally
Lost Patrol
Lothar Matthaus Championship Soccer
M-Chess Professional
M1 Tank Platoon / MPS protection 2
Master Ninja Shadow Warrior of Death
Math Rabbit
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing!
Mean 18
MegaTraveller 1 (?)
Mental Blocks
Might & Magic I: Secret of the Inner Sanctum
Might & Magic II: Gates to Another World
Mind Probe
Mini-Putt / HLS Duplication
Mixed-up Mother Goose / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3
Moebius: The Orb of Celestial Harmony / Origin Systems OSI-1
Moon Bugs
Moptown Parade
Nobunaga’s Ambition
Off Shore Warrior
Oh No! More Lemmings / Rob Northern Copylock
Omncron Conspiracy
Oil’s Well / Formaster Copylock
Operation Wolf / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x with original loader
Operation: Cleanstreets
Original Scrabble
Oubliette / Formaster Copylock
OutRun / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Paperboy (1st release) / Mindscape DEM
Paperboy (2nd release) / Formaster Copylock
Paperboy (3rd release) / Rob Northern Copylock
Pipe Dream (EU version) / Minder03
Pinball Wizard / Formaster Copylock
Pole Position
Positronic Bridge
Prehistorik / A001prot
Prehistorik II / Best Protection Kit-B
Project Neptune
Puzznic / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x with original loader
Quink / Formaster Copylock
QIX / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x with original loader
Race Drivin’
Rad Warrior
Rambo III / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x with original loader
Rambo: First Blood Part II
Rastan / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x)
Reader Rabbit v3.0
Reader Rabbit
Red Storm Rising / MPS 2
Rendezvous with Rama
Renegade / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x with original loader)
Revenge of Defender
Rick Dangerous / MPS 2
Rick Dangerous 2 / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Rising Dinasty / Cops Copylock II
Robot Rascals
Robot Odyssey
Rocky’s Boots
Rocket Lander
Rollo and the Brush Brothers
Rush’n Attack / HLS Duplication
S.T.U.N. Runner / Rob Northen’s Copylock
Savage / MPS 2
Search & Destroy
Serve & Volley
Seven Spirits of Ra
Shadowgate / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Shinobi / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Shufflepuck Cafe
Sid Meier’s Pirates! (432.02+) / MPS 2
Sierra Championship Boxing (1984 version) / Formaster Copylock
Sierra Championship Boxing (later release) / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3
Sierra’s 3-D Helicopter Simulator / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3 with Sierra’s Loader
Sky Shark / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x with original loader)
Snack Attack II
Snooper Troops: Case #1 (version 1.0)
Snooper Troops: Case #2 – The Case of the Disappearing Dolphin
Snow Strike
Socrates (don’t know if it’s a game or not)
Space Harrier / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3
Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3
Space Racer
Space Station Oblivion
StarQuest: Rescue at Rigel
Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative
Star Wars
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Street Sports Basketball
Street Sports Soccer
Stunt Car Racer / Stunt Track Racer / MPS 2
Sub Battle Simulator
Sub Mission
Super Caulrdon / ?
Super Hang-On
Super Pac-Man / HLS Duplication
Super Tennis / Non-standard Sector Sizes
Superbike Challenge
Superstar Ice Hockey
Super Tennis / Non-standard Sector Sizes
Sword of the Samurai / MPS 2
Temple of Apshai Trilogy
Test Drive / HLS Duplication
Test Drive II: The Duel / HLS Duplication
Test Drive II: Car Disk Muscle Cars
Test Drive II: Car Disk The Supercars
Test Drive II: Scenery Disk California Challenge
Test Drive II: Scenery Disk European Challenge
The Games: Summer Edition
The Train: Escape to Normandy
Thexder / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3
Think Quick! version 1.0
Three Stooges, The
Thud Ridge
Times of Lore
Titus the Fox: To Marrakech and Back / Best Protection Kit A/B
Toobin’ / Rob Northen’s Copylock
Top Gun / Formaster Copylock
Tracer Sanction, The
Train Escape to Normandy, The
Trains / Non-standard Sector Sizes
Transylvania / ?
Treasure Trap
Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness / Origin Systems OSI-1
Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress (Trilogy version) / Origin Systems OSI-1
Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress (1983 & 1984 versions) / Formaster Copylock
Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress (1985 version) / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.x/3.x with original loader
Ultima III: Exodus (1984 & 1985 versions) / Formaster Copylock
Ultima III: Exodus (Trilogy version) / XELOK/XEMAG
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar / Origin Systems OSI-1
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny / Origin Systems OSI-1
Video Trek 88
WWF: European Rampage
Where in the World is Carmen San Diego
Wild Streets
Winter Challenge World Class Competition
Wizardry III
Word Search Puzzle
Word Spinner
World Championship Soccer / Waydisk Minder
World Karate Championship
World Tour Golf
X-Men: Madness in Murderworld / MPS 2
Xenon 2: Megablast / Rob Northern Copylock

PC Booter

Adventure in Serenia / Non-standard Sector Sizes
Agent USA / Non-standard Sector Sizes
Amnesia / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
Archon: The Light and the Dark / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
Below the Root / Non-standard Sector Sizes
Boulder Dash II: Rockford’s Revenge / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Bruce Lee
Conflict in Vietnam
Crossfire (IBM PCjr version) / Formaster Copylock
Dig Dug
Donald Duck Alphabet Chase
Donald Duck’s Playground / Softguard SUPERLoK 2.0.3 with Sierra’s Loader
Eden Blues
F-15 Strike Eagle
Frogger / On-Line Systems Protection #1
Galaxian (Tengen version by Thunder Mountain)
Galaxian (Atari version)
Gremlins / Non-standard Sector Sizes
Guerrilla War
Hacker II / Vault PROLok 2.0
Hard Hat Mack / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
Harrier Combat Simulator / Weak Bits Generic Implementation
Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road
Jungle Hunt / Non-standard Sector Sizes
King’s Quest I (IBM PCjr version) / Non-standard Sector Sizes
King’s Quest II: Romancing the Throne
Lock On
Lode Runner
Marble Madness / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v1.00) / Non-standard Sector Sizes
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v2.10)
Moon Patrol
Mr. Cool / Formaster Copylock
Ms. Pac-Man (Namco version by Thunder Mountain)
Murder on the Zinderneuf / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
One-on-One / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
Pac-Man (Namco version by Thunder Mountain)
Pinball Construction Set / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
Pitstop II / Non-standard Sector Sizes
Robotron 2084
Seven Cities of Gold, The / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
Sid Meier’s Pirates! (v432.03) / Non-standard Sector Sizes
Sierra Championship Boxing
Silent Service
Solo Flight
Spiderbot / Waydisk Minder
Summer Games II
Super Boulder Dash / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
Timothy Leary’s Mind Mirror / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
Touchdown Football
Trivia 101
Troll’s Tale / Formaster Copylock
TV and Cinema 101 Trivia from Talkies to Trekkies
Ulysses and the Golden Fleece / On-Line Systems Protection #1
Will Harvey’s Music Construction Set / Electronic Arts IBM Interlock
Winter Games
Wizard and the Princess / Formaster Copylock
World Games / Non-standard Sector Sizes